I am happy to inform you that our Association is celebrating its Platinum jubilee year and whose foundation was laid in the pre-independence era, has an illustrious history of serving the nation and the textile industry by furthering the cause of development of technology, supplying latest machinery parts and services, and promoting exports.

Its my privilege that I got an opportunity to lead this Association as a President during the most exciting and energetic year of its existence. Thus it was a challenging time for me to organize activities which bring about the yesterday’s memories and at the same time to keep on the growing pace of the Association with the available infrastructure.

It is a say that if you start your mission with the blessings of the fore fathers the success is always with you. Accordingly we started our events with a Tribute to our Visionary & Past-President, Shri. B. K. Mehta who categorically suggested that ITAMMA should take up activities which will make its members and the organization very strong in terms of system, technology and R&D. Ms. Hansaben Mehta, wife of Shri. Balkrishnabhai was also felicitated for her continuous support and contribution to ITAMMA; who further strengthened the financial status of ‘B K MEHTA ENDOWMENT FUND’ by adding an amount of Rs.25 lakhs. The announcement of the celebrations of 75th Platinum year were made during the event by launching a ‘75th Year Logo.’ The event was further followed by the ‘Farewell Dinner” to Mr. Mayank J. Roy, Past-President and the Award Function.

Meetings of the Global Competitiveness Sub- Committee took place at our Ahmedabad Liaison Office on 13th October, 2017 and 3rd Nov’2017 along with the Industry Experts, where a vision statement and the white paper as a Road Map to plan future activities for the coming years was prepared.

Accordingly technical visit to M/s. Gold Seal – SAARGUMMI India Pvt. Ltd., and M/s. SKF Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
at Ahmedabad were organized on 19th January, 2018; giving
an opportunity to the Members to learn and understand the various important aspects related to 5S, Lean, Smart Manufacturing along with good practices as well as importance of Safety measures.

Seminar on “Dream Team & Blue Ocean Strategy” on 2nd December, 2017 at Ahmedabad and Conference on “How Indian Industrial Equipment/Machinery Manufacturers can target Global Market by Leveraging Digitalization” jointly in association with the M/s. Publish-Industry India Pvt. Ltd., Pune, on at Coimbatore exposed our Members to the Speakers in the specialized fields.

Further to strengthen our Members in latest Technologies, MOUs were signed with “PUM Netherland ” and “MSME TDC Rajkot Centre “on 18th May’2018, with , Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) Panipat, Haryana on 4th May’2018 and with “Faculty of Engineering Technology and Research (FTER),” Bardoli, Surat at Silvassa on 12th May’2018. Special interactive Technical sessions were also held with the Experts of PUM Netherlands, Industry Experts supported by a “Training Programme on Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt Certificate” at Ahmedabad on 29th June’ 2018.

Realizing the era of Smart & Digital Manufacturing followed by Responsible Manufacturing, being the mantra of sustainable growth in the Global Challenging Market, the next task taken in hand was to disseminate these information’s through the series of quarterly print publications “ITAMMA Voice” each of which was specifically based on the theme of “Operational Excellence,” “Going Green- Responsible Manufacturing” and “Brand India.” Special interactive Technical sessions were also held with the Experts of PUM Netherlands, Industry Experts supported by a “Training Programme on Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt Certificate” at Ahmedabad on 29th June’ 2018.

The important reform GST was addressed with two Seminars at Mumbai, on “Exports & Imports after GST” on 15th Nov’2018 and other on ‘Union Budget’2018-19” on 6th March’2018.

Events like 19th Product cum Catalogue show clubbed with International Conference of Textile Association of India, Nagpur Unit on 2nd & 3rd Feb’2018, 20th Product-cum-Catalogue show at Panipat on 4th May’2018, 6th in a series B2B Catalogue display show at Silvassa on 12th May’2018 and 21st Product-cum-Catalogue show at Madurai on 6th July’2018 created a platform to the Members to explore the Business opportunities at National level. During these events Road Shows for the promotion “GTTES’2019” of India ITME Society were organized by displaying the promotional video film.

While special cost effective schemes like share a table and catalogue display, were organized during DTG’2018, at Dhaka (8-11th Feb’ 18), Indo- Intertex’2018 (4-7 April’2018) and ITM’2018 at Turkey (14-17th April’2018) followed by Networking Dinner to create a Business platform to our Members at International level.

Meetings with Consulate General of Indonesia (14th & 19th April’2018) and Italy (17th March’2018), participation in GMMSA EXPO’2018 (25-28th Feb’2018) and delivering presentations at VJTI (18th Dec’2018) and at Seminar of World Trade Centre (20th June’2018), attending felicitation function for Texfair’2017 and the inaugural function of Dinesh Memorial Hall Textile Association of India (Ahmedabad Unit) and distribution of the Brochures of GCCI “Farm to Fashion” Indian textile global summit at ITAMMA stall during our events had helped ITAMMA to strengthen its relationship with Allied Associations and Chambers.

A special Seminar on “Opportunities of Business in the Manufacturing and Trading of Garment Machines and Accessories” was organized at Coimbatore on 19th Nov’2017 for exploring new area of Garment and Apparel.

Export Cell meetings were regularly organized at Ahmedabad and Coimbatore while Staff welfare activities were organized at Mumbai.

The 75th Platinum Jubilee Year recorded a proud moment for ITAMMA when it won the 4th Award for Responsible Indian BMOs under the category of “Environment Responsibility” at the national level, on 8th February, 2018 in New Delhi by the Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC).

Where 145 BMOs (also known as Industry Associations) at National, State, District and State levels from 19 States also competed for this Award.

For an Association with a strength of more than 400 Members, about 36 Members in the Managing Committee, supported by 7 Sub- Committees and 4 Export Cells, it is a challenging job to manage the activities to the satisfaction of all the Members. This was achieved by strengthening the Administrative systems and regularizing the Accounting procedures, followed by deputation of the competent staff, which would facilitate all functions of the Association in the long run.

Since ITAMMA is registered under the Companies Act, it was a need to modify the Articles of Association and further fulfill the requirements of statutory compliances which was also handled effectively through a body of Company Secretary appointed specially for this assignment.

It is being planned to celebrate the 75th Platinum Jubilee Year function in the following way:-

1. Organizing celebrations at Ahmedabad and Coimbatore whereby felicitating each Member of that region with a special Memento during the function

2. Developing a Documentary film on “ITAMMA-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (giving the insight on the 75 years of ITAMMA to Indian Textile Industry and it’s Road Map for achieving its Vision)

3. Publishing a “Coffee Table Book” (which will have the mention of the name of each Member of ITAMMA)

4. Publishing a Souvenir (which will cover articles on important topics with a special emphasize on “Next Generation Manufacturing” and copies will be also distributed during GTTES’2019 and to many important identities of Textile Industry as well as to all Govt. authorities).