Show Must Go-On  as Work is Worship”   

Dear Friends

Entire country is facing tough times of COVID-19 and lockdowns and curfews are hampering businesses and routine operations everywhere. 

While the extent of slowdown this year is lower than last year, fall in demand will be more pronounced in rural areas and the informal economy, thereby increasing inequalities of income, as the second wave has hit them harder.

We at ITAMMA are not exception from this situation. The concept of WFH is well accepted by all the businesses, being the only option of moving the services/activities/businesses ahead. Those in service/IT field were noticed to be more comfortable with this concept; however the manufacturing industry got a huge set-back as it works with the supply chain of raw-material, machine & man-power. This chain was noticed to be disturbed at some or the other stage, thus hampering the overall business.

ITAMMA being proactive association , always supported industry in terms of knowledge and information. When the world was in lockdown and wondering how to survive, ITAMMA Members with their curious mindset, technical expertise developed new machinery, spare parts for mask and PPE kits, many more. This is spirit of members that in tough time members are motivated and invented something worthwhile to industry. Industry got good business due to other country lockdown and we are hopeful that world buyer will consider India as major vendor and sourcing hub, even after restriction opens. 

We at ITAMMA made an attempt to convert this challenging situation into an opportunity by organizing series of webinars especially on the technical, technological and techno-commercial aspects for our members, MoU Partners and Expert Panel. The Webinars were well supported by the pre-Open-Sessions whereby the participants were sensitized to come forward with their problems/queries in regard with the Product, Process and Factory Set-up. As reported by most of the members that actual manufacturing activity was hampered and couldn’t deliver 100 %, the contents on 5s, LEAN, etc. during the webinars helped them in utilizing their time in enriching their knowledge in the improvement of the quality of their Product and Processes.

It is a pride for ITAMMA that Mrs. Hansaben Mehta, taking forward the family tradition and generously strengthening the “B K MEHTA ENDOWMENT FUND” which was  established in 1988 in appreciation of yeomen and meritorious services of Mr. B. K. Mehta (Balbhai), to the Association, who was Visionary,  Past-President and Trustee for four decades of ITAMMA. 

With the support of this fund, it is delighted to see that his Vision is being taken forward through the series of following activities.

  • B. K. Mehta Memorial Lecture Series initiated from Jan 2021
  • Development of State-of-the-Art Conference Room with B. K. Mehta Virtual Modern Library
  • B. K. Mehta Technology Networking Mission   

I am sure that this Mission will prove to be beneficial to the Indian Textile Engineering Industry to develop their technological set-up and will also help in bringing on the surface the talent and the low-cost technologies available with the Students.

We are thankful to Smt. Hansaben, who in her own way, continues this glorious tradition of service and is admired in Mumbai for her philanthropic work. In short, ITAMMA is what it is today due to invaluable contributions of Shri Balbhai and Smt. Hansaben. 

ITAMMA is very positive for new normal world. New Normal will bring new hopes , new opportunity and new way of business, new strength , fresh ideas with  fresh new world. Experience with fresh hopes, fresh mindset make country proud to us in future. We strongly believe united we can achieve the heights with positive directions. 

I, also take this opportunity to thank my colleague Mr Chandresh Shah for the excellent year 2019-20 for ITAMMA with a dynamic slogan ‘Show Must Go On’ thus sensitizing the ITAMMA Directorate and resulting in many virtual events. I am confident that we will sincerely   take forward his slogan as we believe ‘ Work is Worship’  with the help and cooperation of my team of office bearers, Managing Committee members, Governors and the Directorate and so I have framed out a slogan .

We wish you productive and fruitful new world !!! 

Work Safe!
As Work is Worship!!

Yours faithfully