Seminar on ‘Union Budget 2018’ – Exploring the feasibility for Textile Engineering Sector from 5.30 p.m. onwards on 6th March, 2018 at M.C. Ghia Hall, Bhogilal Hargovindas Building, 4th Floor, 18/20, K. Dubash Marg, Kalaghoda, Mumbai-400 001

“The Hon’ble Finance Minister presented his Fifth Consecutive Budget on 1st February, 2018.   The Budget assumed significance because this has been probably the last Budget before the impending General Election and the first after the introduction of GST in the country. There were, therefore, heightened expectations and apprehensions all around  on what would be in the store so far as Indirect Taxes including GST was concerned.  However, interestingly, the Hon’ble FM has not made a single proposal with regard to GST. At the same time, significant amendments with far-reaching impact are proposed in the Customs Tariff for certain Sector and also in the Customs Law.

Shri Shailesh Sheth, Advocate and Founder of M/s. SPS LEGAL   took the Members through the Budgetary amendments – both fiscal and legislative – proposed in Customs and their implications. At the same time,  though the Budget does not contain any proposal on GST, Shri Sheth  elaborated and explained certain major amendments which have been carried out in relation to GST in last three months consequent upon the recommendation made by the GST Council at its 23rd, 24th and 25th Meeting. These amendments are not less than a ‘Mini –Budget’ as far as GST is concerned and the understanding thereof by the taxpayer is absolutely essential.”

Shri Snehal Mazumder, Chartered Accountant covered the Direct Tax related proposals of the Union Budget 2018.

Presentations made by Mr. Abhijit Patil on “Deutsche Bank – Business Banking Solutions” during the Seminar.